11 study hacks every student needs to know before the exam


Always take a stroll when you're going to take an exam.

Put your phone in an empty glass to make a noisy wake-up call.

Continue to consume dark chocolates. It's useful to the brain.

Learn from video blogs for better concentration & easy understanding.

Sprinkle an unfamiliar scent while studying. Sprinkle it straight again as you're about to take the exam. Your memory is going to jog the scent.

Continue to play fun brain games to improve understanding and focus.

Use various colored pens to take notes. This is going to boost your visual memory.

Keep taking short breaks while you study.

Watch a documentary on the subject for the history and anthropology classes.

Continue to argue with better students. (You may lose, but you will learn a lot)

Don't miss the opportunity to sleep before the exams. (You're not going to retain what you've been studying almost as well if you don't get some sleep)


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